zondag 6 november 2011

Tweets to Quote

Tweets to quote

This morning I've got some interesting tweets to quote,
and they did not by remote---
reach the limits of the twitting creature
this is real-life twitter from Nature, our teacher.

It was the Blue Tit to the Sparow
twitting that the fat-balls had been in harrow
since Mr. Magpie and that Crow had not been harrowing that slow. 

"And they are in such a short supply
and you know the sorts and likes of Mac Magpie."

"Ooh, and that in the midst of Winter"
tweeted Sparow on to Ms. Finch,
"before you know, we have our food to fight fore, every inch."

"Don't forget that Jay"
so twitted Ms. Finch in great palaver,
"he's is known for his beha'ver,
not a Gent like Mr Sparling,
what is it that you said, my Robin'darling"

And Robin started singing like a real bird should, the Lark joined in, giving concert at full flight,
and of course the Blackbirds (also) commenced their singing at the dawn of light,
not just tweeting in palaverous twitter,
but a real song of meaning, feeling, a potential hitter.

Now all Tits wanted to join in,
the Blue, the Great, the Marsh Tit,
as the  Crested, Tufted and Long-tailed Tit,
even the Sombre Tit gave his best of twits.
And what to think of Ms Bramling and King Winter Wren,
than joined the Finches and the Dippers,
all showing that they were real twitters.

But out of the song of joy of Lark and Robin it was the Joy that ebbed away,
due to all twit twitting tweety-birds its soul was gone astray.

To sing a song in splendrous chorus,
the twit should listen to of what before is,
to follow in stead of only making noise,
making singing the greatest of all joys.

©Simon Koorn - SiKo 
't GP: 06-11-2011